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COP4813 Fall Assignment 13 - Promoting a Web Site

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 Assignment #13 Promoting a Web Site




To understand how web sites are promoted and gain audience




For this assignment you will research different methods of promoting a web site. You should research and understand the concept of a landing page. For the assignment you can use your page, your client's page or you can choose the Daytona State College web site (among others). You must define the following;


1. Target audience for site (examples: potential students, potential customers)

2. Purpose for promotion of the site  (examples: increase sales, exposure, advertising)


With these you will develop a strategy for the promotion of the site. You must at a minimum research the 2 biggest promotion methods; Google Adwords and Facebook advertising.There are a lot more and some involve simple footwork (like how to get your site near top of Google search rankings).


Your plan should include costs associated with different promotion methods.


You will submit this as a web page.




I will answer any and all questions on the bulletin board - this is now about you getting out and doing the research, but you are very welcome to ask questions and post items you have found to be helpful.


Here is also an example of a promotion (for a idea);


I have a math game that I sell called Pyramath - (search for it on Google). The target audience is people interested in math games for children - this would include mothers of 1st - 9th grade children, teachers, home schoolers. A strategy for promotion might be to increase the ranking of a Google Search for "Math Games". The there would need to be a strategy of how to achieve this. 


Here is an example(you are promoting the site - not a product)


Site: Pyramath.com

Target Audience:

 - Home school mothers with children grades 1-9

 - Elementary school math teachers

 - Middle school math teachers


Increase search rank in Google Search for "Home school math games "
Distribute product to home school bloggers for web reviews for home schoolers.  Requires letter of request and identifying bloggers.
$1.20 to send to each blogger, time and effort to track blog posts.
Increase exposure and direct sales to home school parents Facebook campaign with discounts for home school parents who continue on to web site. Product discount stated at Facebook page is carried through to sales from ad campaign.
$20 per day direct bid for 15-25 visitors per day.
Get direct exposure to home school parents
Advertise in home school magazines with incentive program for visiting web site (free gift) - use of product code for order discounts given or free gift
$1400 monthly for half page ad - ad contains product discount code redeemable at web site.
Direct email campaign
Drive users to site with free gift offer and product discounts in email. (using Mailchimp)
$2600 for access to email list for marketing.


Every marketing plan at a company is also typically tracked - and marketing is done one plan at a time to be able to measure sales change attributable to the plan. The costs simply need to be reasonable - and there is plenty of information about these costs on the web.



Estimated Completion Time


You should not need to do more than 10 hours to successfully complete this assignment


Supporting Lectures 


This is a resarch assignment - there are no supporting lectures. You should utilize the bulletin board for possible ideas.


Questions and Answers




External Resources



Grading Criteria


This will be graded on the quality of the reseach and the viability of the plan. Below are items I will look for in your plan.


- Is the purpose of the marketing well defined

- Is the potential audience well defined

- Is there a connection between purpose and audience

- Does the plan have goal

- Is the marketing plan doable (strategy)

- Are costs and effort clearly stated

- Is the plan likely to be successful ?


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