Lecture - Server Side Include

 Server Side Include









The basics of using Server Side Include





Reference Materials



<!DOCTYPE html5>
<title>SSI Include Example</title>
 <!--#include virtual="navigation.ssi" --> 
<br/>This includes a virtual navigation.



<a href="http://www.yourhtmlsource.com/sitemanagement/includes.html"> Article on Server Side Include</a> 


Additional Information


Thank you Dr. Eaglin. I can see that being very helpful in the future.

I tried it with you simple example on my GoDaddy Windows hosted account and only had one problem.

I had to change the line you had in your .shtml file to this:

 <!--#include file="navigation.ssi" --> 

Notice that is says to "file" rather than "virtual" like in your example. It works like I have it now, but I wanted to mention it  to you to see if this causes trouble or is just the nature of the beast for Windows hosting... or something else.


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