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COP4813 Fall Assignment 11 -Create a Game

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 Assignment #11 Create a Game




Design and Implement a Game in Javascript (using game tools and engines is allowed)




You will create a game. You game must have a few basic elements to be a game;


1. A simple set of instructions or rules

2. A way to measure performance of the player.


Item 2 can be a score or a progress through levels. These 2 items pretty much sum up all games.


Your game will be implemented on a web page and will be written in Javascript.


You may use a game engine  (there are some in the external resources section).  I recommend playing with at least Construct 2 - it is a lot of fun. Construct 2 will generate html code that will execute the game on your web site - if you use it I highly recommend looking at the html code, clean and well-generated.




Have fun with this and post your game to the bulletin board to get feedback from the class.


Estimated Completion Time


You can do in as little as 5 hours or you can take weeks. Don't take weeks - you can always build on your game later.


Supporting Lectures 


The COP 4813 Lectures has lots of nice "how to" lectures. This is also where I add more lectures - simply post up that you would like me to create a "how to" lecture.


Questions and Answers




External Resources


You may use a game engine to help with this here are some popular engines


https://www.scirra.com/construct2 - Free download and creates some really cool games. DO NOT post up the games from the tutorials. The basic tutorial can be completed in about an hour and gives you a good starting point for your own game. The tutorials are available here - https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/top I strongly recommend working through Ghost Shooter to get the basic concepts.


http://html5gameengine.com/ - A list of game engines - some of these can also be used to create compiled games that work on smart phones.


http://www.processing.org/tutorials/ - Processing is a fantastic engine, mostly designed for writing Phone Applications


http://phonegap.com/ - PhoneGap allows you to create programs in html5 and Javascript and compile to native iOS and Android for phones.


Grading Criteria


Show me a game that meets 1 and 2 above - get a 10 in return.


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