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COP4813 Project Tools

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COP4813 Project Tools


One of the most challenging aspects of the project is simply turning it over to the client at the end of class. You do not want to create a long term commitment to support a free site - so you will need to be able to turn over control to your client.


There are a lot of hosts that will help make this easy. For example you can see I use PBWorks for the course materials in this class - I do this because PBWOrks makes it easy for me to manage all the class and assignment pages.




There are lots of site editors like this, and even though they may not be appropriate for the demands of the homework of this class - they are great for creating clients sites - I'll try to keep a running list of the ones I find here, and feel free to chime in with ones that you find.





If you have experience with any of these post it to the class bulletin board.


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