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JSFiddle Examples

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These are all JSFiddle Code examples for this class.


Javascript Basics


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/2PHrJ/  Array example


Javascript Calculators


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/4uZSG/ - Simple calculator for quadratic equation. Uses JQuery.


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/auw79/ - Plotting calculator example. Plots quadratic equation. Uses JQuery and Highcharts.


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/9N8NZ/ - Genetic engineering recombinant distance calculator


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/9CAPq/ - Genetic engineering Hardy Weinberg calculator


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/a7sew/ - Game theory Nash Mixed Equilibrium calculator


Javascript Topics


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/EjffF/ - Basic menu example - not using jQuery.


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/ySwKG/ - Demonstrates use of regular expressions. 


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/jBKdt/ - ValidateNotBlank example, simple form validation.


Simulation Game


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/6Pyn7/ - Simple simulation game, uses random numbers - generates a game board and moves a piece across the board.


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/r8y2v/ - 4 player version of the simulation game above.


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/yJzT7/ - True use of the simulation game with 4 players and multiple runs. Demonstrates the use of simulation.


Google Maps KML Example


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/gB2YD/ - Demonstrates how to display a KML file on a Google Map.


Advanced Javascript


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/HRR6V/ - Using function callbacks


Javascript Animation


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/fYJY6/ - Example of an animated square going tracing around a square. 


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/6qVZ5/ - Example of detecting collisions in animation.


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/3R5cC/ - Animated squares responding to a mouse click.


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/F8qeB/ - Animated Soccer ball using timer.


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/PZ6wh/ - Simple bouncing rectangle game. Demonstrates animation, mouse control, collision detection.


Drag and Drop


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/LEHbc/ - Dealing from a random deck of cards.


http://jsfiddle.net/reaglin/YFtBp/ - Drag and drop a dynamically created image.






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