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COP4813 Fall 2013 Assignment 12 - Game Time

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COP4813 Fall 2013 Assignment 12 - Game Time




Use Javascript and HTML5 to create a game.




Note: You have the option here of creating your own game or the game idea (or variation of) below. As with all second half class assignments - you get to use creativity. Please note: You game must be playable and have instructions (that I can understand).


You will be implementing a game we will call Gridlock. We are going to implement a simple version of the game - but you are welcome to create more complex versions if you feel like it. The game is a game I did create especially for this class.


Shown is a simple Gridlock player concept screen. The little green dots will move randomly along the black lines. The objective of the game is to prevent them from colliding with each other. Normally they will move around the outside of the square.


Randomly they will turn towards the intersection in the middle of the square. Here is where it gets interesting - the 2 red lines in the middle will block the green dots going one direction, and allow the ones going another direction go through.


You can score by having the game ends when 2 green dots collide, or you can simply make this a way of counting points.


For this part of the assignment (this is a 2 part assignment). You will create a simple path - this can be a straight line or it can have a curve. You will then animate an object along this path. I have lectures that demonstrate how to do this. You can use any type of icon or sprite animating along the path. There are 2 actions that you can must implement get you full credit. 


1. The path (or line) will have a stop somewhere along the route (or possibly at the end). Clicking on this will toggle it open or closed. If the moving object runs into it - it should stop.

2. Clicking on the moving object will toggle it to move or stop moving.


This will not be as complicated as the board shown above - but it does demonstrate the basic concept of how the game is put together,


Some Game Ideas are at COP4813 Game Ideas


In addition to uploading a link to the dorp box - also post a link to the bulletin board for other students. Also on your game launch page put a link to the code in your game - this can be an html page of the Javascript code UUEncoded or a link to a Fiddle.




If you need a particular lesson or lecture - please post question to the bulletin board. You can also implement this game in 2 parts for assignments 12 and 13.


Estimated Completion Time


You can take as long as you want on this - depending on what you want to do with your game.


Supporting Lectures 


There are multiple supporting lectures at the COP 4813 Lectures page - especially using the timer and animation lectures.


Questions and Answers




External Resources


There are hundreds of web resources to help you out putting together your game.


Grading Criteria


A basic functional game is required for this assignment - the game will be refined in Assignment 13. Upload a link to the game and post your link on the bulletin board.


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