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COP 4813 Getting Started

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COP 4813 Getting Started


Some basic information about this class


1. This is a Programming Class - you will be programming


2. It is all about the Assignments - you must demonstrate what you can do.


3. All Assignments are Submitted On Your Web Site - You must be able to publish materials to the real web, just part of being a professional


4. Lectures Support Assignments - if you need help on learning how to complete an assignment, it is in the lectures. Watch the lectures and use the materials posted with the assignments to help you complete the assignments. If you are still having troubles post to the bulletin board, but make sure you have watched the lectures first - it is obvious when you have not.


5. There is a Project - the purpose of the project is to learn to work with a client. Your site may be easy or hard, this does not matter - what matters is that your client is happy.









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