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COP4813 Fall 2012 Assignment 6 - Getting Content

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Getting Content - Complete Site




To create a fully functional web site

To utilize content resources in web site design




This is the assignment where you compete your personal web site. The design aspects of the site are completely up to you. I want to see a well thought out and designed site.


The site should have an objective and an audience. In the past a common objective and audience was "About Me" and audience "Potential Employers" - but you can exercise creativity here. You can make your site a tribute to "Coheed and Cambria" with the audience being C & C fans (I took this from one of the current student sites). 


There are required elements that you must demonstrate on your site (at some location). These are listed below;


1. Feeds - The site should consume feed (or feeds) from external sources. These sources should be selected based on your interests and the site. Examples are the home page of this wiki (feed coming from Facebook). Also if you look at the bottom of the page - you will see a feed from Solar World News. This does not mean load a single page with a bunch of feeds - the site should have multiple pages and adding a feed to an interest help keep content fresh.


2. Images - Effective use of images and banners to support the aesthetic of the site are important. Every site you create represents you - so well done images placed well help make an impact.


3. Navigation - Any user should be able to easily navigate through the site. You can use menu's, breadcrumb, or any other navigation technique - make it appropriate to the site and easy to use.  I like this article on navigation - http://www.jessicarosengard.com/8-website-navigation-best-practices/ 


4. Content - Once you have determined your audience, make sure the site has content that would be of interest to your audience. You can do that through the feeds (as described above), images, information, links, etc... When you submit the assignment - make sure you specify who the audience is. It is OK to be the audience, if you are making a web site for personal use with YOUR links, and YOUR news, and YOUR feeds - then you are the audience and it can be your site.


Your site must be;


1. Be obvious (who is it for and what is it about)

2. Section 508 Compliant - http://webaim.org/standards/508/checklist 

3. Use Javascript and CSS effectively (three green checks in web developer)

4. Be easy to navigate (I will be browsing)

5. Interesting (at least to your audience)






Estimated Completion Time


About 20-30 hours


Supporting Lectures 


All lectures on the lectures page COP 4813 Lectures and I will produce how to lectures on questions asked on the bulletin board .


Questions and Answers




External Resources


Always one of my favorites - http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com/ - you should visit and read, if only for the laughs. My favorite was the page unavailable for Staples (no that wasn't easy!)




Grading Criteria


If it meets all criteria above, it is a 10.


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