COP4813 Software Tools

COP4813 Software Tools


I add links to tools on the


HTML and Web Editors


Microsoft Expression Web - This is available at freely to all students. It is a full featured web editing environment.


Dreamweaver - Pretty much the standard for web publishing


Notepad++ - Just download it, incredibly useful. 



Programming Tools


FireBug for FireFox - This is one of 2 must-have tools you need for doing any level of web development. 


Web Developer for FireFox - This is part of what I use to grade your assignment, three green checkmarks in the upper left corner tells me that you did everything correctly. 


JSFiddle - This is a cool online Javascript editor that allows you to try out code in a secure environment before using in your pages. 


Construct 2 - This great tool allows you to easily create HTML5 games. The free version has great capability and it produces clean, easy to read code (or at least it should be easy to read once you complete this course) -  - A collection of tools that can be used to validate pretty much anything.


Online Validation Tools - A nice and easy to use HTML 5 validator. - Checks ADA Compliance. - Markup validation service from w3c.


Web Sites for Developers  - All about web design and programming - This is the source for all good questions and answers. - Tutorials and references - am must visit site