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COP4813 Fall 2012 Assignment 5 - Working with XML

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 Assignment #5 - Working with XML




Use existing XML Languages

Create XML data for use on the web




This is a 2 part assignment Part 1 requires you to work with an existing XML Language, Part 2 Requires you to create your own XML Language.


Part 1


This part will be relatively straightforward. You can choose between Math Markup Language (MathML), Chemical Markup Language (CML), or Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). You will simply display display an equation (MathML), chemical (CML), or graphic (SVG) in its natural form (you can use images) and the XML that generates the equation, chemical, or drawing.  If the XML is embedded in the HTML - you do not need to link to the XML, I will view it using View Source.


You will need to have some knowledge of both languages - reading the Wikipedia articles is sufficient.


Part 2


You will be creating a custom XML language, and using it to display data. Here are the steps;


1. Select a set of data you wish to display on your site. For this assignment the data should be capable of being displayed in a tabular format. Examples of data are sports statistics, information about animals, information from recipes, etc... Anything that is data and can be displayed in a table is appropriate.


2. You will create a custom XML language that represents your data and create a Document Type Definition (DTD) and an XML Schema to describe your data. You will only need to use one or the other for the remainder of the assignment, but you need to create both to demonstrate the ability.


3. You will then create a sample of this data and save it as an XML file.


4. You will then display this data in a web page (html) using XSL to format and display the data.


You will need to have links to all your files (dtd, xsd, and xml) in your final web page.




Using the XML tutorial at W3 Schools and the video segments will prepare you sufficiently for this assignment.


Estimated Completion Time


10 hours (may take more if no experience with XML). Use of XSD and DTD tools will greatly simplify this assignment and the time required.


Supporting Lectures 


You will want to view all the XML Lectures at COP 4813 Lectures


Questions and Answers



External Resources


If you can create XML Data - this tool can create the schema (XSD) file - http://www.xmlforasp.net/CodeBank/System_Xml_Schema/BuildSchema/BuildXMLSchema.aspx 





Grading Criteria


3 points for Part 1 (all or nothing)


7 points for part 2 split amongst the requirement.


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