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COP4813 Fall 2012 Assignment 1 - Web Hosting

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COP4813 Fall 2012 Assignment 1 - Web Hosting





Demonstrate ability to create a web host

Learn how to register a domain and set up hosting




In this assignment you will set up a simple Hello World web page on a web host. For the assignment;


1. The web page must be on a web host and accessible through a registered domain name. I recommend using a name that is related to your name, this page is often used by students to get a job (demonstrating your abilities in interview).


2. The web page must include "Created by Your_Name" somewhere on the page.


3. The web page must come up as the default page when the URL is entered.







If you plan on continuing to the more advanced classes it is recommended that you select a web host that supports .NET and SQL Server. These are used in COP4709 (Database II) and COP4834 (Web Systems II. Some web hosts that support this are; GoDaddy and Arvixe. (There are many others - I have only listed 2).


Estimated Completion Time


Actual amount of time to register domain, create page, and upload is less than one hour. For some domain, the setup time once the domain is registered can be 24 hours, so I recommend you register your domain and set it up well in advance of the due date.


Supporting Lectures 


Lecture - Setting Up Hosting


Questions and Answers




External Resources




Grading Criteria


An operational domain and page are worth full credit.


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