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COP4813 Fall 2011 Assignment 9

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COP 4813 Fall 2011 Assignment 9




Understand the use of XML and how to create and use XML formats




For this assignment you are going to explore the creation of XML data for a custom domain. There are 2 aspects to the assignment (1) the investigation of existing XML formats, and (2) the creation of you own data in a standard XMl format. Follow the steps below to complete the assignment;


XML is pretty easy to learn, which is why it is so popular - nevertheless if you are new to it you need to watch Getting Started with XML Lecture 


(1) We are going to use the IMS XML data format for this assignment. First do a little reading about what IMS is at (http://www.imsglobal.org/ ). OK - so now you know there are efforts to create interoperability between different learning management tools - you can now look at the data formats for this and that brings us to XML. That will bring you to the XML format which is at http://www.imsglobal.org/metadata/imsmdv1p2p1/imsmd_bindv1p2p1.html and this is just for the metadata.



(2) Now we want to represent the data that was in your assignment 5 (the quiz questions) in this standard XML format. So first we need to look up the specifications of the format. Since IMS covers everything about learning systems (think everything in D2L - not just quizzes) we really want to only see the subset that deals with quizzes and questions. That would be the (Quiz and Test Interoperability)QTI module an overview is here http://www.imsglobal.org/question/qtiv1p2/imsqti_oviewv1p2.html (you will need to read this!). I also recommend the Wikipedia Article on this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QTI 


(3) We are not really interested in the tagging of results (that is how you performed on a quiz or test) - we are only interested in using XML to represent the questions. So you need to focus on how to take your assignment 5 and represent those questions in this XML language. This may look really hard right now - but a few examples will simplify this greatly. These examples can be found at http://www.imsglobal.org/question/qtiv2p1pd2/imsqti_implv2p1pd2.html - this should get you there.


(4) Make an XML file of your data and place it on your web site.


(5) make sure you link to the correct DTD (XML Schema) that defines the representation of your data.


(6) Oh, and I also want to see the data in raw XML format and ALSO formatted. For this you will need to apply XSL to your data.


I will be checking to ensure your XML data is both well-formed and valid. You should also do this. You can do this through this link









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