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COP 4813 Fall 2011 Project Assignment 1

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The COP 4813 Project


All students in this class will be working on a single project. For the first assignment students will need to organize into a team with a single project manager. You will need to submit online a plan for the development of the project.


Step 1


Select a project manager. The project manager will be responsible for coordinating all work to be completed by all members of the team. Work assignments will be given by the PM and completion of the work items will documented by the PM. This must all be done and available online.


Step 2


You will need to develop a set of specifications for the project and the final submission will be a site mock-up or demonstration site. I am a primary client and you will need to interview me. You will need to interview potential stakeholders that you will get in your initial interview with me. The project manager will make assignments to interview stakeholders, ensure documentation is written, and is posted.


The submission for Project Assignment 1 is to

(1) Select the PM

(2) Conduct the initial interview

(3) Create and establish a web site to manage the project


Everything else is up to you. The entire class will be graded based on achieving these objectives.

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