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COP 4813 Lectures

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COP 4813 Lectures



Lectures and Lecture Categories


Page - Description
Getting Started
Web Hosting

Lecture - Setting Up Hosting - Tells about the requirements and what you need to look at for setting up web hosting, registrars and hosting environments.

Guide - AWS Screen by Screen - How to create a virtual server in AWS - screen by screen



Lecture - Getting Started in HTML - Basics of  HTML. Continue with http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_intro.asp .

Lecture - Getting Started with CSS - Basics of CSS. Continue with http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp 

Lecture - The Document Object Model - Structure of html documents and accessing that structure

Lecture - Creating Menus with CSS - Uses CSS and No Javascript to create Menus

Lecture - Server Side Include


Javascript Basics


Must know Javascript.

Here is every basic Javascript concept in one page - http://learnxinyminutes.com/docs/javascript/ 


Lecture - Basics - Javascript variables and scope

Lecture - Basics - Javascript Arrays

Lecture - Basics - Functions and Form Validation






Form Validation Lectures

Lecture - Form Validation in Javascript

Lecture - Debugging Form Validation in Javascript

Lecture - Basics - Functions and Form Validation


Advanced Topics (should know all)


Lecture - JavaScript - Processing URL and Query String

Lecture - JavaScript - Creating menus with JavaScript

Lecture - JavaScript - Regular Expressions

Lectures JavaScript Libraries - Charting ( http://www.highcharts.com/ )

Lecture - Javascript - JSON - What is JSON

Lecture - Putting KML with Query String Processing

Lecture - Extending Existing Javascript Objects

Lecture - Javascript Objects and Refactoring - Circle Object


Drag, Drop, Animation and User Interactivity


Dealing a Deck of Cards in Javascript  (uses jQuery)

Lecture - Drag and Drop in Javascript (uses jQuery)

Lecture - jQuery Card Game - Serenity  (uses jQuery)

Lecture-jQuery-Firefly Cards Game with JSON (uses jQuery)

Lecture - Callback Functions in JavaScript (uses jQuery)

Lecture - Callback Functions Simple Example

Lecture - Simple Animation Part 1 (uses jQuery)

Lecture - Simple Animation Part 2 (uses HTML5 Canvas)


Lecture - Creating a drag-drop class advisor


Game programming topics - Javascript


Lecture - Game Programming Part 1

Lecture - Game Programming Part 2 - Collisions

Lecture - Game Programming Part 3 - Mouse Actions

Lecture - Game Programming Part 4 - Putting it all together 


More Advanced Javascript

Guide - call and apply functions



Lecture - JQuery - Getting Started with JQuery

Lecture - JQuery - Menu Example in JQuery

Lecture - JQuery - Creating a Simple Calculator 

Lecture - JQuery - Transferring from JSFiddle to a Web Page




Lecture - XML -  Displaying and XML Page with XSL

Lecture - XML - Defining an XML Language

Existing XML Languages:

Lecture - XML Languages - MathML

Lecture - XML Languages - SVG

Lecture - XML Languages - KML



Page Content

Lecture - Content - Facebook Feed

Lecture - Content - RSS

Lecture - Content - Web Services

Social and Web marketing

Document - Creating an Ad Campaign in Facebook


I See Cards Game

Multi-part series of creation of a full card game


I See Cards Game - Part 1 - Using Partial Images

I See Cards Game - Part 2 - Setting Styles Dynamically

I See Cards Game - Part 3 - Adding Interactivity

I See Cards Game - Part 4 - Finishing Touches


Pyramath Game - Part 1 



IT Fundamentals

Basic lectures on topics

requested by students

FTP - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow3nr0PkcEY&feature=youtu.be 






Articles Worth Reading


Programming Jargon


Other tutorial Resources

W3 Schools
Khan Academy  - Introduction to JavaScript
Nerdi - tools for html, css, javascript, etc...
CodeStart - Coding in C
Code Academy - This is a student favorite http://www.codecademy.com/ 
Bucky's Room https://buckysroom.org/videos.php 
Adam Khoury - Canvas Bootcamp (video series) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpzRDg0orQBZFBPzeXm1yNg 
GIMP - Graphics editing http://www.gimp.org/ 
How to remove background color in GIMP http://www.rjmolesa.com/blog/2009/06/03/how-to-remove-a-solid-color-background-from-images-using-the-gimp



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