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Summer 2008 - Assignment 3

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CET 4583 Summer 2008 - Assignment 3


Assignment Objectives


- Find and use internet based Javascript resources

- Create or modify Javascript for client-side form validation

- Use Javascript within a web page





Create a web page to allow for the entry of the following information;

  • First Name (limit 25 characters)
  • Last Name (limit 25 characters)
  • Street Address (limit 45 characters)
  • City (limit 25 characters)
  • State (2 character code combobox)
  • Zip Code (5 digits only, must be numeric)
  • Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy format, day, month, and year must be valid)


This should include full validation using JavaScript of all fields. Zip codes must be the correct length, All fields are mandatory and must be entered. Date must be a valid date in mm/dd/yyyy format. On the date field you should;

  • Tell if the format is not MM/DD/YYYY
  • Indicate if the day is invalid
  • Indicate if the month is invalid
  • Not allow year, month or day beyond current date


Grading will be simple - if I can enter invalid information - I will take off one point for each piece of information that I can enter.

You may discuss the coding freely on the bulletin board.


You should have the code working on your personal web site on your group server. You will upload the same file as you uploaded for assignment 2 as a submission. The only difference will be your class home page will have an added link to assignment 2. You will be adding links to this page during the course of the semester.



Estimated Completion: 4 to 30 hours depending on experience






Questions and Answers


What approach should I take to this assignment?


This will be an obvious use of forms. You will want to have all the entries on a single page wrappered inside a form tag with a submit button. However you want to prevent the submission if any of the validation rules are not met.


Can I use code from internet sites?


Not only can you - you are expected to do so. The objective here is to find Javascript code, modify it to your purpose and deploy it on a site to perform the function that you need. If you find good sources of code, I will be happy to post them to the resources page for you to return to.





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