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COP 4813 - Web Systems I

Online Textbook



Welcome to COP 4813 - This course is taught at Daytona State College as part of the Information System program. The course is designed to give students a head start into the field of web server programming. This is a large and dynamic field with lots of tools. The course requires students to create real web applications, that will be available on a real web site that is freely accessible.

Here is your first video:  COP 4813 Getting Started

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Web Programming Youtube Channel

- http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8kKejlVENAUR7VRwf8fff5r9JEn78Zys 

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Wiki Based Classes - All Students Read


The class management for these courses is wiki based. The classes are Assignment Based.

I constantly add information to help with the assignments so even if you have started with an assignment it is worthwhile to look at it on a regular basis.

You are graded on your ability to DO, not your ability to regurgitate information. I also do give credit to students who help me with more (useful) information for the class - this is called your contribution grade.


How the Class Works

This class is assignment based and you should start with the assignments. There are 2 components to the course; this wiki site and the Florida Online site. The Web Courses site is where you will turn in assignments and post to the bulletin boards and do all those Web Courses type of items. This site is where all the course content resides. A simple course syllabus is available at COP 4813 Syllabus

COP 4813 Course Outcomes (what you will be able to do)


1 – Understand and use all the capabilities of modern web browsers. (PO1, PO2)

2 – Ability to use XHTML capabilities to design and implement a web site. (PO4, PO5) 

3 – Use XML, XSL, CSS, and correct techniques to create properly structured and well designed web sites. (PO1, PO2) 

4 – Ability to use client side scripting languages (DHTML, Javascript) to add interactivity to web sites. (PO1, PO2)

5 – Ability to deploy web based designs in a server environment. (PO1, PO2)


Student Pre-requisites

before starting this course students should be able to;  

1 - Write and compile computer code and functions in C, C++, or Java to perform basic functions (COP2001, COP2220, COP2800).

2.- Completed a course in Data Structures (COP3530)  

3. - Use computer software tools; ftp, browser, text editors, compilers. 

4. - Perform algebraic manipulations (MAC1105).   

5. - Watch Email etiquette video.  

Step 1 - Start with the Assignments  START HERE

Everything in this course is about completing the assignment. These are real practical assignments similar to the real types of jobs you would be facing as a web developer. Your first assignment is ALWAYS setting up your own domain and web site.


COP4813 Assignments <- Here are the assignments (80% of grade)


COP4813 Student Project  (20% of Grade)


Step 2 - Use the Lectures

There are no weekly assigned lectures or video's to watch - you are responsible for viewing the video and course content necessary for you to successfully complete the assignments. Suggested video segments are on each assignment page.

All lectures are at this link COP 4813 Lectures . My Javascript Fiddles are here JSFiddle Examples

Step 3 - Get help

I am here to help. If you have questions please (1) post questions to the appropriate bulletin board in Falcon Online, (2) contact me by coming by my office (ATC 107B), e-mailing me (eaglinr@daytonastate.edu), Skype (ron.eaglin), or phone (386 506-4176386 506-4176)



There is no textbook for this course. If you want a text or guide that will help with the material I suggest Internet and World Wide Web, How to Program, Deitel and Deitel - this is a comprehensive and inexpensive resource for everything covered in this class.




We use a lot of software in this class. You will need to get a department account for Microsoft ELMS for some of the software. Most of the primary software is available through Microsoft DreamSpark . In addition you may choose to use PHP for some assignments ( Available at http://php.net/downloads.php ) and MySQL for database work (available at http://www.mysql.com/ )


There are a lot of tools you may choose to use for this class. A summary of these tools is available at COP4813 Software Tools. Click here for the best 68 tools for web developers from a Quora.com post.


If you would like to see seek professional certification - this class prepares you for the Certified Internet Web JavaScript Specialist http://www.ciwcertified.com/certifications/web_development_series/javascript.php 




Part of the Web Systems Specialization of courses within the BSET-Information System Technology at Daytona State College



My Online Textbooks

COP3530 - Data Structures

COP4813 - Web Systems I

COP4708 - Applied Database I (with Dr. Nabeel Yousef)

COP4834 - Web Systems II 

CEN4801 - Systems Integration 

CEN3722 - Human Computer Interaction



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