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CET 4584 Assignment 5B - Adding Categories and Codes

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 Assignment 5B - Adding Categories and Codes




Learn to use Lists in programming (drop down lists, radion buttons, and other ways of letting users choose options)




You are going to use a simplified version of the Category Code Management System for this project. You will need to go through the Category Code Management System before proceeding  Creating-a-Simple-Category-Code-Management-System


Your assignments are now going to follow the work of the project. The current project is MyDailyMath which is at http://www.mydailymath.com/cet4583mdm/ (this is what you created from CET 4583 last semester).


Once you have learned the system you are going to use it to create a simple drop down list. You will want to create a page for logged in users that allows them to create a Quiz Question - we are not quite ready to create the question, but we are ready to ask them a few question about getting started. This will be a new page that will be accessible from the default logged in page of your application.


This page will be titled "Create a New Math Question" - There will be a drop down box titled "Type of Question". In this box there will be three choices; Multiple Choice, Short Answer, or Numeric. These choices will be populated from the Database using the Category Code Management.


The user will select one of the choices and then hit a single "Submit" Button which will redirect the application to one of three pages, one to create a multiple choice question, one to create a short answer, and a third to create a numeric question. You do not need to go any further for this assignment - you simply need to redirect to one of three possible pages based on the user selection.


The code must be operational on your web site.




The full case study to help you get going on this is at  Category Code Manager ASPNET Case Study


Since you will be working with a Drop Down List you may want to take a look at Using DropDownLists with Postback



Estimated Completion Time


This should take 10-15 hours to view the lectures, create the code, and upload it to your site.


Supporting Lectures 


Category Code Manager ASPNET Case Study



Questions and Answers




External Resources




Grading Criteria


A working code system that redirects to the correct pages to create each question type is worth 10 points.


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