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CET 4583 - Summer 2009 Assignments

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 CET 4583 Spring 2008 Assignments


Assignment 2 is a critical assignment for all future assignments and wil not be accepted as a late assignment. In addition you will not be able to turn in the assignments past assignment 2 until it is turned in. Assignment 1 is a nice and easy assignment and should not prove to be too difficult. Links to web content to support each assignment are on the assignment page, more material to assist with assignment may be added during the time you are working on the assignments based on student questions.


Individual Assignments 


Individual assignments make up 50% of the class grade. This means that each assignment (10 total) is worth 5% of the overall grade.


CET 4583 - Assignment 1A - Simple creating of linked web pages through a wiki interface.

CET 4583 - Assignment 2A - Creation of a hosted home web page on an external server. Note: No late submissions accepted.

CET 4583 - Assignment 3A - Use of Javascript Validation for a web page.

CET 4583 - Assignment 4A - Quick Navigator in JavaScript.

CET 4583 - Assignment 5B - Redesign of a web site.

CET 4583 - Assignment 6B - Consuming an RSS Feed.

CET 4583 - Assignment 5A - Analysis of Good and Bad Site Design.

CET 4583 - Assignment 6A - DataGrid Application

CET 4583 - Assignment 7A - Embedded Video and Rich Site Content

CET 4583 - Assignment 8A - XML and XSL site formatting.

CET 4583 - Assignment 9A - Web Accessibility

CET 4583 - Assignment 10B - Consuming and Utilizing an External Web Service


Group Project Assignments


CET 4583 Spring 2009 Group Project Assignment




Past Semesters


CET 4583 - Fall 2008 Assignments

CET 4583 - Summer 2008 - Assignments 

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