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CET 4583 - Group Project Assignment 3

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 Summer 2008 - Group Project Assignment 3 


The detailed requirements and due dates for Assignment 3 will be determined by Project Group 1


By now your site should be in review by your client and prepared for deployment. For this assignment you must demonstrate through meeting minutes or other means (which you should be documenting all along on your project management web site) that the site is being prepared for deployment. In other words - once you finish all the site pages - you have a plan to deploy them.  You must also include a content management plan, deployment plan, rollback (or contingency) plan, and Deployment Schedule as part of this documentation required for this assignment.




Content Management Plan

Deployment Plan

Rollback (Contingency) Plan

Deployment Schedule


More information on these;


Content Management Plan Questions

 - Who will generate content? list ALL sources and what content will be generated

 - Who appproves content ? Is there an approval process?

 - How will new content get to web site ? Flow chart from content  generation to  posting

 - How will content be verified for correctness ? Who is responsible for checking the site


Deployment Plan and Schedule Question

 - Where will it be deployed (site) ?

 - How will it be deployed (ftp, html upload, etc...) ?

 - Who will do the deployment ?

 - How will you test the site after deployment ?

 - When will you deploy the site ?


Contingency Plan

 - What will you do if the new site does not work ?


Give as much detail as you can on these plans - they are critical.



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