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CET 4583 - Group Project Assignment 1

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CET 4583 - Group Project Assignment 1


You will be using the project web site http://mydailymath.pbworks.com/FrontPage. Each group will have its own pages on this site (you will be able to create these pages after you get an account). This is NOT the site you are designing, but is a site that will be where you manage information, documents, correspondence, ideas, and submit these reports.


Assignment Requirements



Assignment 1 submission must have (it may have more);


  • Group Project Management Web Site
  • Name and Description of the Project
  • Name and contact information about Project Client(s) (myself and any others that will assist you)
  • List of All Group Members with Contact Information
  • List of Project Objectives (for your group)
  • List and Information about ALL Stakeholders
  • List of Client Expectations (based on discussions and postings)
  • Analysis of how Site will be used 

Here are some details that might be useful;


Stakeholders - A sales site might have the follwing stakeholders; people wishing to purchase items, people browsing the items, the sales company or comapnies, the bank taking payment, the fulfillment center fulfilling orders, the marketing compnay, marketing the products on the site. Each of these may have sub-groups with more information.


A club site might have the club officers, prospective club members, current club members, other similar clubs, other club chapters.


The bottom line is that each stakeholder has a different interest in the site.


Site Analysis - So how will your site be used. First, each group of stakeholders may use it completely differently. Suppose you are doing a church site. CHurch officials will probably want to use the front page for announcement and schedules and their interest is in getting these onto the site. Church members would be interested in finding schedules and announcements. They might also be interested in news with other church members or opportunities to volunteer.  So your site analysis is really looking at each of your stakeholders and defining what they might want from the site or to do with the site.




All submissions will be at the My Daily Math Wiki - http://mydailymath.pbworks.com/ . The management team is responsible for ensuring that all submissions are consistent and that the home page is well organized and that all submissions are consistent and complete. Each group will submit a link to their specific subsystem pages. Groups without defined sub-systems must also define what they plan to do on the project.


Supporting Document Examples


The UCF SAGE research team does a tremendous amount of work in the field of internet site creation. The various project documents that are available at this site will give you an idea of the level of documentation required for a successful web project. These are available at the SAGE Site.

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