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Assignment 4A - Using AJAX Controls

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 Assignment 4A - Using AJAX Controls




To learn to use an AJAX control within a web page.




In the previous assignments, you created a simple guest log book and then the ability to view log book comments given by other visitors to the site. In this assignment we are going to polish our site a little bit.


AJAX is a technology that allows you to communicate with the server and refresh portions of web pages without having to do a full refresh of the entire page.  The AJAX Control Toolkit for Microsoft is at http://www.asp.net/ajax/ , however it is very likely with the version ofASP.NET that you are using that it is already part of your Visual Studio.


!See Change Below!


Here is your task. In your guest book, you really have 2 portions; signing the guestbook and viewing the guest book. What we wish to do with AJAX is allow you to make a new entry and have it show up on the list of entries (which are on the same page now) without doing a postback. The design of the guest book should now have the entry form for entering into the guest book at the top and small frame or border at the bottom where you can view entries. We should then be able to add an entry and not have to post back the entire page.


The key here is that this button should display the entry without refreshing the screen.




The AJAX toolkit above contains everything you need for this assignment, however I strongly recommend you work your way (or at least simply watch) the AJAX tutorials at http://www.asp.net/learn/ajax/. These are very well done and you will learn a lot about the various controls available in AJAX and hopefully get some great ideas of how to make your site(s) better.


Estimated Completion Time


10-20 hours total to complete


Supporting Lectures 




Questions and Answers


Answers to student questions about the assignment here


External Resources


Any web resources to help with the assignment here


Grading Criteria


Grading criteria


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