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COP4813 Assignments

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COP4813 Assignments


This class is based on the completion of 15 assignments (one per week) and a project. All assignments are worth equal credit and are 80% of the total grade. Assignments are designed to give you experience doing real web type project work. The other 20% of your grade is based on COP4813 Student Project


I love to create video lectures, however I only create them based upon student questions. Please post your questions to the class bulletin board and look for lectures to be added to the lecture page - COP 4813 Lectures . Feel free to work ahead.



Week Assignment 
1 COP4813 Assignment 1 - Web Hosting
 Put a simple "Hello World" web site on the internet at a registered domain

Lecture - Setting Up Hosting  


2 COP4813 Assignment 2 - Full Web Site
Create a fully functional page at your new web site to support the class and all the upcoming assignments.  You will need to have a menu on your page, so start brushing up on CSS and JavaScript.  You will also be ensuring your site is well designed, functional and meets all applicable standards.

Lecture - Getting Started in HTML 

Lecture - Getting Started with CSS

Lecture - The Document Object Model

Lecture - Creating Menus with CSS -

Lecture - Server Side Include

Lecture - JavaScript - Creating menus with JavaScript
3  COP4813 Assignment 3 - Form Validation with Javascript

Forms - Create a fully functional form with JavaScript validation. 


(Many of the upcoming assignments make extensive use of JavaScript. If you have not had COP3530 then you will definitely want to work your way through these lectures and also the JavaScript tutorials at http://www.w3schools.com/js/default.asp )


Lecture - Basics - Javascript variables and scope

Lecture - Basics - Javascript Arrays

Lecture - Basics - Functions and Form Validation

Lecture - Form Validation in Javascript

Lecture - Debugging Form Validation in Javascript

4  COP4813 Assignment 4 - Equation plotting

Create a  plotting calculator - real inline plotting. This will be your first time using add-in libraries that are available in JavaScript. There are many - in this case you will use jQuery and Highcharts. You probably did not master JavaScript last week - don't worry we will be using it the rest of the semester. You will also need to start learning the libraries - I recommend starting with jQuery http://www.w3schools.com/jquery/default.asp  


Also I have an entire series of lectures on jQuery accessible at COP 4813 Lectures



Lecture - JavaScript - Processing URL and Query String

Lecture - JavaScript - Regular Expressions

Lectures JavaScript Libraries - Charting ( http://www.highcharts.com/ )

Lecture - Javascript - JSON - What is JSON

Lecture - JQuery - Creating a Simple Calculator 

Lecture - JQuery - Transferring from JSFiddle to a Web Page

5  COP4813 Assignment 5 - Drawing on the canvas
Starting with the HTML 5 canvas by creating a Spirograph. The Canvas is a wonderful thing, a drawing surface that is pretty easy to use. Learn all about the Canvas at http://www.w3schools.com/canvas/default.asp - Now the real challenge will be creating your Spirograph on the canvas. 

Lecture - Drawing a Circle on the Canvas  


COP4813 Assignment 6 - JSON and jQuery
 JSON and XML are 2 very commonly used data formats. Because we are doing web work here you will be using JSON. You will take your JSON data and display it in a dynamically generated interface.
COP 4813 Lectures  - at this stage you will need to work through lectures page to find lecture resources.
 COP4813 Assignment 7 - Drag and Drop
 Javascript and various libraries in Javascript have a lot of power. In this assignment you will be creating a drag and drop based assignment. Also from here on out - I simply refer you to the library of lectures I have created. You will need to use resources I provide, that you find, and that you discuss on the BB to make it through the upcoming assignments. Communication is important.
 COP4813 Assignment 8
 Free week - simply upload name of project client as a text file with contact information.
COP4813 Assignment 9 - Animation
Some basics of animation. One of the great way to learn skills of using the canvas and the basics of animation.
COP4813 Assignment 10 - Programming for Mobile

A nice simple assignment - you just must ensure your main page interface is mobile compatible - will require a few tweaks typically on your part and also touch enabled menus. Time to look at Bootstrap

 COP4813 Assignment 11 - Programming the Advisor
 Time for a practical assignment using all your jQuery, Javascript, CSS, and other skills. You are going to write an interactive advising page to the specifications given.

COP4813 Assignment 12 - Content Management Systems


 Time to do a little research into content management systems. You will both encounter and use many different content management systems if you are doing web publishing.
COP4813 Assignment 13 - Game Design
Here you will design a game, the basic graphics to be used should also be determined, game development and prototypes should be posted to the bulletin board for comment.
COP4813 Assignment 14 - Game Implementation
Here you will implement the design of the game that you designed in the previous assignment. The game must be implemented on your web site and link posted on the bulletin board.
15 COP4813 Assignment 15 - Learning Introspective In this assignment you will write a simple one page paper - that looks back on what you learned in this class, the challenges you faced, and the value of the material.  



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